Elbow pain

Our chiropractors treat elbow pain in Andover

Elbows and arms have a few common conditions and mostly resolve well with just a little advice. Here we will cover:

  • What causes elbow pain and how to self manage
  • Less common problems
  • How chiropractors can help with elbow problems

In pain and need help?  

What causes elbow pain

Most of us have heard of tennis elbow. You may have also heard of it's counterpart, golfer's elbow. These are usually specific points of tenderness on either the inside, or outside of the elbow but can create pain around the area. Both of these are generally overuse injuries but can be triggered by an impact injury.

The good news is that most respond well to avoiding anything which hurts. These actions are usually anything which involves gripping and twisting because those are the muscles that run into your forearm and attach at the site of pain.

If the problem persists, you may want to seek a tennis elbow brace (works for golfer's elbow too!) from your pharmacist or online. These anchor the muscles below the site of pain, reducing tension on the problem area and allowing recovery. They are tight and uncomfortable, just don't wear them for an extended period of time.

Less common elbow problems

Of course there are a lot of less common problems which your healthcare provider or chiropractor should be able to identify appropriately. For us, in clinic, these usually fall into 2 categories. Traumatic injuries or nerve problems.

Traumatic injuries should be assessed if you are struggling to bend your elbow or turn your wrist over. If the problem isn't major, you may just need some time to heal or some easy rehab exercises and stretches. If the injury was more major, it's important to rule out a fracture.

Nerve problems usually cause symptoms lower down the arm, into the hand or fingers. These are often feelings like tingling or numbness. Sometimes a nerve can get irritated or pinched somewhere between the source in the neck or anywhere along the arm, usually around the elbow, forearm or wrist. If the feelings come and go, a little time may just be needed. If they are constant, it's important to get these checked in case there is a major problem with the nerve.

How chiropractors can help with elbow pain

The most important thing we can do, is help you identify what the problem is exactly. We are trained to diagnose and manage muscular, skeletal and nerve problems. If we can't treat it or help you with the right advice, we know who to refer you to.

In terms of management, we can advise on braces and rehab exercises and stretches as well a provide a high standard of hands-on treatment. Treatment may consist of massage or other soft tissue work and mobilisation or manipulation of problematic joints. Either way, we will find a solution for you.

If you would like to find out how we can help you, please call us or head to our online diary to book an appointment today.